As Democrats Take Control, A Solution To The Shutdown Still Seems Unlikely

With Democrats set to take control of Congress today, a resolution to the shutdown doesn’t appear to be any closer.

Trump Gives Weird History Lesson on Afghanistan and Russia

It is sincerely disturbing that the POTUS has this level of understanding of history and foreign policy.

Kim Jong Un Sends A Message To Trump On Denuclearization

In his annual message, Kim Jong Un sent a message to President Trump on denuclearization and the future of the Korean Peninsula.

Before Taking Office, Mitt Romney Takes On Trump

Before even taking office, Mitt Romney is taking on the President. It’s a good sign, but we’ll see what it leads to.

Trump Falsely Blames Democrats For Fact Ambassadors Haven’t Been Confirmed

The President is blaming Democrats for the fact that so many of his Ambassadors have not been confirmed. The truth, of course, is quite the opposite.

Government Shutdown’s Impact Likely To Expand

The longer the shutdown goes on, the wider its impact is likely to become.

Trump Begins 2019 With All-Caps Rage Tweet

President Trump began 2019 pretty much how he ended 2018, with irrational rants on Twitter.

The USMCA is not Paying for the Wall

That’s not how it works.