October Jobs Report Beats Expectations, But Still Comes In As Anemic

October’s jobs report came back better than expected but hardly something to cheer.

Air Force Adopts ‘Indefinite Enlistment’ for NCOs

The newest branch of the US Armed Forces has made a long-overdue policy change that others should copy.

Proof Of A Quid Pro Quo On Ukraine Is Coming From Inside The White House

The proof of a quid pro quo is coming from inside the President’s own Administration.

LTC Vindman Could be Court-Martialed for Testifying to Congress

Defying the Commander-in-Chief’s order will almost certainly ruin a good man’s career.

Donald Trump Is Now Florida Man

Donald Trump is moving his permanent residence south, where he should be right at home.

No, Trump’s Courting of Senators isn’t ‘Bribery’

The President is committing enough high crimes and misdemeanors without us manufacturing them.

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