Actions have Consequences

Despite Pompeo’s assurances, we are already seeing consequences for the Suleimani killing.

Prosecutors In Two Virginia Counties Will Stop Prosecution Of Some Marijuana Cases

Prosecutors in two Virginia counties have announced that they will decline to prosecute low-level drug possession cases.

Photo Corner: the Canon EOS RP (A Review)

Regulars beware: this is a total deviation from normal content.

Citing 9/11 in Regards to Suleimani

If your case needs a 9/11 boost, perhaps your case is weak.

Warren And Biden Report Strong Fourth Quarter Fundraising Numbers

Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden both brought in impressive fundraising numbers for the final quarter of 2019.

Open Forum

Where you can’t be off topic because there IS no topic.

A Photo for Friday

Welcome to the weekend.

Andrew Yang Raises $16.5 Million In Fourth Quarter

Andrew Yang had an impressive fourth quarter when it comes to fundraising, but it appears unlikely to help his campaign at all.

U.S. Drone Strike Hits Head Of Iranian Revolutionary Guard

An American drone strike has taken out the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, a move likely to significantly increase tensions across the Middle East.

More on Trump’s Foreign Policy

Policies towards Iran and NK are both a mess.

Julian Castro Ends Presidential Bid

Another one bites the dust.

Bernie Sanders Raises Nearly $35 Million In Last Quarter Of 2019

A big fundraising quarter for the Senator from Vermont.

Elizabeth Warren Isn’t Talking As Much About ‘Medicare For All’

“Medicare For All” is the centerpiece of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for President, but she’s not talking about it as much as she used to.

Pete Buttigieg Raises $24.8 Million In Final Quarter Of 2019

Pete Buttigieg had a very successful fundraising quarter at the same time he is rising in the polls.

Open Forum

Where you can’t be off Topic because there IS no topic

The Vacuity of Trump’s NK Policy

More evidence that Trump really doesn’t know what he is doing. (Or just doesn’t care).

Kim Jong-Un Announces End Of Testing Moratorium

With one speech, Kim Jong-Un has demonstrated the Trump Administration’s North Korea policy to have been an utter failure.

Happy New Year And New Decade

It’s been quite a year, and quite a decade.