Ousting Trump Early Incredibly Unlikely

The President of the United States is a national security threat. Can we get rid of him now?

Congress Certifies Biden Win

It’s finally officially official.

The end of the line

We’ve shouldn’t be surprised we’ve arrived at this destination.

Trump Mob Storms Capitol

The predictable, indeed inevitable, has happened.


A startling number than may understate the problem.

Georgians Didn’t Split Their Vote

The two races are almost identical.

Democrats Win Georgia Runoff, Likely to Take Senate

Kamala Harris will be very, very busy the next two years.

Expect at Least Three Objections Tomorrow

AZ, GA, and Pa are on the table.

Trump Likely Broke the Law in GA Call

Although prosecution and conviction are unlikely.

Trump and His Party Doing Permanent Damage to America

The President who promised to “Make America Great Again” has made her a laughingstock. And worse.

Former SecDefs Sign off on an Extraordinary Message

On the op/ed page of WaPo, the 10 living former U.S. secretaries of defense say things that shouldn’t have to be said.

Monday’s Forum

Trump asks GA Officials to “Find” Votes

The sitting president is asking GA officials to find votes despite the fact that the results have been confirmed thrice.

Republican Election Subversion Coming to Bitter End

They’re actually going to go through with it.

Another Alabama Coordinator Hired During Playoffs

Steve Sarkisian joins a frustrating trend.

The Pence Gambit

The absurd notion that the President of Senate is the arbiter and judge of the electoral vote.

The Revolving Door and the Appearance of Impropriety

Biden nominees Janet Yellen, Tony Blinken, and Avril Haines are under scrutiny for their financial disclosures.

Alabama-Ohio State National Championship

The best two teams in college football play for it all amid some controversy.

Lame Duckin’

As expected, the Congress has overridden his veto of the NDAA.

Photos for 2020


Boxer’s Electoral Rebellion

A look back at the last time there was a challenge to a slate of electors.

The Pending Electoral Vote Challenge

It will be symbolic, but the symbol will be an anti-democratic one.

Trump’s Solipsism Doomed COVID Fight

The story played out just as we all thought it would.

Happy New Year! Forum

Welcome to 2021–may it be better than 2020.