Texas Democrats Deny Quorum, Delay Elections Bill

A special session looms. (And how this is not like the filibuster in the US Senate).


A damning number.

My Two Cents on a 1/6 Commission

We need what we aren’t going to get.

Nikole Hannah-Jones Suing for Tenure at Place She Doesn’t Work

A truly bizarre controversy at Chapel Hill.

Bipartisan Commission Dies From Lack of Bipartisanship

The country is in peril.

Ryan Says GOP Must Move Past Trump

“If the conservative cause depends on the populist appeal of one personality, or on second-rate imitations, then we’re not going anywhere.”

Trump’s Generals

My contribution to a continuing debate.

A Photo for Friday


Eric Carle, 1929-2021

The author of beloved children’s books is gone at 91.

When Will We Get Back to Normal?

A veteran health reporter says the end is near. But there’s a huge caveat.

Smart Designers Create Imperfect Rules

Even the smartest designers can’t anticipate all the flaws with the rules they write.

Wuhan Lab Leak Moves from Hoax to Theory

The fact-checkers blew this one and blew it big.

Infrastructure Negotiations Stall

A bipartisan compromise appears unlikely.

SCOTUS Declines Qualified Immunity Challenge

Federal police officers continue to be immune from lawsuits.

Police Perception and Race

A recent poll provides interesting insights.

Once Again to Madison and Republics

The saga continues.

Hamilton on Super-Majorities

Looking to Federalist 22.

Counterpoint: The 6 January Commission and the Filibuster

I think this underscores the problem with the 60-vote requirement.

The 6 January Commission and the Filibuster

Could this be the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Republicans and the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act

A third of the party’s Members of Congress voted against a popular bill.

The BBC-Bashir-Diana Scandal


A Photo for Friday

“Blue Haze”

Reflections on Reflecting

An artist engages with her critic.

Report from the AZ Audit Front

It’s at least as bad as you thought it was.

New York State and City Join Forces Against Trump

Separate investigations are merging, with a criminal component being added.

Contractor Illegally Funneled $150K to Susan Collins’ Re-election Fund

An over-eager supporter or something more sinister?

Demi Lovato’s Pronouns

The singer now wishes to be referred to as “they.”

$15 Minimum Wage for Soldiers?

Our junior enlisted members make far less than that.

CDC Shakeup Presaged Mask Order

The politics of science comes full circle.

Retail Employees as Vaccine Police

The new CDC guidelines raise some serious questions.

Over 600,000 Americans Dead from Covid-19

Even as things improve, the virus continues to take its toll.

Israel’s Wanton Aggression

A reckless campaign of violence has now targeted American journalists.

Half-Mast or Half-Assed?

A powerful symbol has been robbed of its significance.

The Importance of Time Horizons in Politics

And general considerations on mid-term elections.