Biden Delivers ‘Fiery’ Campaign Speech

The state of the union is apparently fiery.

A Photo for Friday

“Stages of Spring”

Post-SOTU Forum

Have at.

The Outrage Machine

Punditry, complexity, and democracy.

Adam Schiff Wins, Shouted Down By Protestors

California’s next Senator had his night spoiled.

Super Tuesday Exit Polls

A breakdown of some Republican primaries.

Nikki Haley Drops Out

The last challenger to Donald Trump bows to reality.

Adios, Senator Sinema

One term was enough.

Keeping Insurrectionists Out of Office

It’s easy if you try.

SCOTUS Leaves Trump on Colorado Ballot

An unsurprising result.

No Labels a No Go

They’re fast running out of time to find a candidate.

Trump Ballot Eligibility Ruling Could Come Today

If so, he’ll almost surely win bigly.

Is Western Civilization Real?

A scholarly treatise argues it is not.

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Imminent?

The war could be ending soon.

Mitch McConnell’s Legacy

There is no denying that he was consequential.

Treating COVID Like the Flu

New CDC guidelines acknowledge the political realities.

Appeals Court Ruling Threatens 100+ Capitol Rioter Sentences

The “interference with the administration of justice” enhancement was wrongly applied.

A Quote to Ponder

Truly foreign language edition.

A Photo for Friday

“Trees on Jupiter”

Welcome to March Forum

Now that the longest month is done, it is on to the next bit.