According to Site Meter, OTB just passed the 50,000 visitor mark.* Number 50,000 was referred by Signifying Nothing, Chris Lawrence’s fine weblog. Hopefully, it wasn’t Chris himself, as he’s supposed to be working on his dissertation.

I still haven’t managed to crack TTLB’s Top 100 (currently sitting at 106 after having topped out at 103 yesterday) or made any dent in the Technorati Cosmos, but I’m still pleased with this milestone, coming only 3-1/2 months into OTB’s history.

*Note: I exclude my home and office IPs and am counting “unique” visits rather than page views, hits, or other metrics. I’m not even sure what those mean–I’ve had 138,000 plus “hits” already in May according to HostingMatters.

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James Joyner
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  1. Carl says:

    I wonder if most people aren’t “counting” pageviews?

    It’s the apples to oranges thing.

    Congrats on the good mark – You’re doing very well.

  2. James Joyner says: