Politics1 has this gem:

It’s bad enough when a gubernatorial candidate learns their runningmate for Lieutenant Governor is quitting the ticket … but it is even worse when you learn about it from reporters. That’s what happened this week in Indiana to former Democratic National Chairman Joe Andrew. From news reports, Andrew learned that LG runningmate Bren Simon — a wealthy businesswoman — quit and was now urging Governor Joe Kernan (D) to be the party’s candidate next year. Kernan — the LG who moved up to the top job this summer when Governor Frank O’Bannon died — has said he plans to retire in 2004. Party leaders are strongly pressuring Kernan to reconsider, believing he would be their strongest candidate. Simon said Andrew is “a great guy” — but that Kernan should be the Dem candidate in the race. Following Simon’s announcement, Andrew reversed his previous position and now says he will exit the race if Kernan runs. The other major Dem currently in the race — State Senator Vi Simpson — already said she would do likewise.

James Joyner
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