51% Bush, 48% Kerry


Mookie: 51% Bush, 48% Kerry

via Dean Esmay

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James Joyner
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  1. Rodney Dill says:

    I saw this at Dean’s site. My first thought was add antlers and label it a Bushkerlope

  2. There’s a phrase about “the total being less than the sum of its parts” that springs to mind with this photo.

  3. McGehee says:


    [sprays soda on monitor and keyboard]

    Damn you, Rodney. I’m sending you the bill.

  4. Remy Logan says:

    That is sick, sick, sick. Just plain sick. Excuse me while I go scrub my brain with a brillo pad.

  5. JW says:

    Damn, James. It’s too early in the morning for that kind of mind-screwing.

    At least Dean hid the actual photo in his post so I didn’t ahve to click on it if I didn’t want to.

    That’s just too damn scary.