80’s Pop Star Richard Marx Helps Subdue Passenger Mid-Flight

It’s been a long time since 80’s pop star Richard Marx had a hit, but he made the news today thanks to his role in subduing an unruly passenger on a Korean Air flight:

An unruly passenger on an Korean Air flight Tuesday should’ve known better than to attack the crew with Richard Marx on board. The ’80s singer was right there waiting for him — with rope.

Marx and other passengers reportedly intervened when the man began pushing the flight attendants and pulling their hair, Marx wrote on Facebook.

And while Marx and his wife, ’90s MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes, put the airline on blast for its response to the situation, Korean Air defended its handling of the ordeal, saying proper protocols were followed.
Fuentes posted on social media several photos from what she said was a four-hour ordeal.

The crew was “completely ill-prepared and untrained” for the situation, Marx wrote on Facebook.

The flight attendants didn’t know how to use their Taser, and never fully gained control of the passenger sitting a row in front of the celebrity couple, according to Fuentes’ Instagram post.

Or, as I put it on Twitter:

I’ll be here all week, folks.

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  1. Franklin says:

    Very good, Doug. Very good.

  2. C. Clavin says:

    Daisy Fuentes and rope…oh my…

  3. gVOR08 says:

    @C. Clavin: Dirty old man. I know you’re a dirty old man because that was the explanation I came up with for a piece of rope in a carry on.

    And Doug, who the heck is Richard Marx? I looked at Wikipedia and I still had no idea who he is.

  4. C. Clavin says:

    I’m not that old….