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Norman Geras, 1943-2013

Norman Geras, scholar and blogger extraordinaire, has passed.

Ukraine War Widens

The invasion has led to a series of proxy wars.

New Horizons Sends Back Images Of Ultima Thule

Three and a half years after its flyby of Pluto, the New Horizons spacecraft has reached the furthest distant object ever visited by a man-made craft.

McCain Says Republicans ‘Doing Putin’s Job for Him’

The 2008 Republican nominee for president condemned his party and its president for the release of a controversial memo attacking the FBI.

U.S. Intelligence Sources Confirm Malaysia Airlines Flight Hit By Surface-To-Air Missile

Someone took down a Boeing 777 over Ukraine today.

Malaysia Airlines 777 Crashes In Eastern Ukraine, May Have Been Shot Down

Another incident involving a Malaysia Airlines 777, but this one could be far more serious.

Redefining Marriage

Jeff Jacoby claims that marriage cannot be redefined.

Spreading Democracy by Force? Of Course!

Should we spread liberal democracy by force? If necessary!

American Life Within Living Memory

It’s worth reminding ourselves, in a country where so many are trying to figure out the best way to keep excess fat off our bodies, how recently abject poverty was widespread here

Debating In A Civil Society

Screaming at one another and treating political opponents as enemies doesn’t seem to be getting us anywhere. But is there a realistic alternative?

I Got Nothin’

Wikipedia: Good Enough

Beltway Traffic Jam

Beltway Traffic Jam

Beltway Traffic Jam

Profiles in Blogging

Beltway Traffic Jam