A Photo for Friday: “Eleven plus One”

Happy Friday.

Eleven Plus One
“Eleven Plus One”
Pike Road, AL
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Steven L. Taylor
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  1. MarkedMan says:

    Why “11 + 1”?

  2. OzarkHillbilly says:

    Very cool. I like it, a lot.

    @MarkedMan: Because “12” is just sooooo yesterday?

  3. @MarkedMan: It was supposed to be the shot of the day for the 11th, but I go ahead of myself and used 12 candles. So it was 11 (plus 1).

  4. gVOR08 says:

    The flames on the first and second and on the eleventh and twelfth merge such that on my phone with a small screen, and perhaps still a bit blurry eyed earlier in the morning, I could only see ten candles, so the title was a complete “say what”. Having now seen it on the larger iPad screen, OK. Note to self, no photo appreciation on the phone.

  5. de stijl says:


    Despite our diffences, I am totally on board.

    Golf is a decent game. Technical, tactical, strategic.

    I grew up poor, in a crappy neighborhood, in a relatively rich school district. So I had a chip on my shoulder from day one.

    Golf was fun and challenging. No one who knew me thought it was a good fit, but screw that. I enjoyed it.