A Push For Marriage Equality In Delaware

David Weigel reports that Delaware appears to be the next state where marriage equality make their legislative push:

Well, the gay marriage push starts today. This afternoon, most of the state’s leadership—governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state senate president, speaker of the house—will gather in Wilmington to announce legislation that would legalize gay marriage. All they need to do is alter Delaware’s statute on marriage, which prohibits unions between “people of the same gender.” (Delaware never got on board with the “traditional marriage amendment” party.)

Sen. Chris Coons has been working the phones and meeting with legislators and “community leaders” who could take sides when the bill comes up. “Some of them don’t support marriage equality and have strong reservations for a variety of reasons,” he said. “Because of their district, because of their background, their faith tradition. You know, many them are reconsidering after hearing from their constituents, or after seeing the movement nationally toward marriage equality. Some have a personal experience with a family member, a neighbor, a colleague who speaks to them personally.” If a vote came after a “broad, robust debate followed by a strong vote in both chambers,” Coons didn’t see any chance of a backslide, or of primary challenges and election losses leading to a reversal. “We’ll be a state whose legal committment to marriage is strong.”

Democrats hold a strong majority in both houses of the state’s legislature, and the state has a Democratic Governor, so if Coons is able to help usher the bill through, it looks like there’s a good possibility of the bill passing.

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  1. stonetools says:

    So if the Democrats run government, its a favorable environment for gay rights and marriage equality, whereas if Republicans are in charge, its the opposite…

    Hmmm, Doug, does that suggest which way you should vote if you think gay rights are important.?

  2. swbarnes2 says:


    Hmmm, Doug, does that suggest which way you should vote if you think gay rights are important.?

    Yes it does, but no, he doesn’t.

    It’s just another post in which Doug is careful not to provide an opinion on the policy he is discussing. It’s not an oversight.

  3. Moosebreath says:


    “Hmmm, Doug, does that suggest which way you should vote if you think gay rights are important.?”

    As I’ve said before, I’ve never met a self-proclaimed Libertarian (Doug included) who is not willing to put all other personal freedoms on hold in exchange for a reduction in the marginal tax rate.