ABC Running American Idol Expose?

Matt Drudge has the blue sirens out with the banner headline “FOX LEGAL THREAT OVER ABCNEWS ‘AMERICAN IDOL’ EXPOSÉ.”

FOX owner Rupert Murdoch has informed executives that ABC is attempting to maliciously ‘destroy’ the nation’s most-watched series as it heads into the final weeks…

‘We got all these ridiculous questions yesterday from an ABC producer,’ a top IDOL source tells the DRUDGE REPORT. ‘ABC can not beat us with programming, so they are attempting to bring us down with lies and false charges.’


Update (1206):

FOX believes ABC has interviewed a half a dozen losing contestants — contestants who will claim AMERICAN IDOL producers and judges somehow manipulate the show’s outcome! […] At the center of the questions, the IDOL source claims, is the actions of show judge Paula Abdul. “[ABC] is trying to say Paula somehow cheats and picks favorite singers to nurture, in violation of some sort of network standards,” the IDOL source, who demanded anonymity, explaines.

It’s rather well known that the judges try to manipulate the voting and that the voting process is essentially rigged owing to segretated phone lines for each contestant that are guaranteed to be always busy owing to inadequate bandwidth. And, obviously, news networks have a right under the 1st Amendment to air views of losing contestants giving their opinions.

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  1. John Burgess says:

    It could simply be an artifact of my TV’s sound system, but I have noted over the past two seasons (I didn’t see earlier ones) that the on-stage monitors through which performers hear themselves have been unbalanced.

    If a performer can’t hear him/herself, it’s wildly easy to go off pitch–something nearly all performers did in the early rounds of the final 20 countdown.

    Whether this was or was not intentional, I don’t hazard to guess. But if skulldugery were the plan, this would have been an ideal place to do it. The monitors could have been further manipulated to de-tune what the performer was hearing, thus intentionally causing off-key performances.

    Again, I’m not saying things are being jiggered, but if there’s a will, there’s most certainly a way.

  2. The latest “scandal” is the outrage among teenybopper American Idol fans over the so-called “Vote for the Worst” site.

    No wonder Scott “Fat Felon” Savol is still on the show…

  3. Jessica says:

    The voting is a mess on American Idol. I think that’s where the real scandal is. It’s odd how the exact tabulations have never been revealed, yet, the show encourages continuous two-hour voting to the viewers. You can download power-dialer auto-dialing programs on the Internet, which can log thousands of calls. They are under ten bucks. But, even then, the show has no accountability in terms of how much the votes even count towards who stays and who goes. No one knows for sure what’s up with this show.

    When you have excellent singers going home, and a creepy guy like Scott, who is a mediocre singer, staying, it makes you wonder what’s going on. I suppose it’s possible that, and even those betting on the show for the underdog to pay off, may be all power-dialing for Scott, but, at this stage, it becomes less of a talent competition, and something else.

    Simon’s preference for Carrie, and his declaration that she will be the next American Idol is also far more scandalous than who Paula is sleeping with. I’m wondering who Simon is sleeping with. Jessica Sierra, the other country diva, was constantly panned by Simon, and then dispatched, way before her time, leaving Carrie in a prime spot, away from other competitors.

    I have no doubt that Carrie will win this year, and while I don’t want to take away her talent, she is pretty ordinary, performance-wise. She is as dull as a Stepford wife on Prozac. Yet, she’ll win, because Simon says.

    So, I will be very interested in the ABC show. The fact that Fox feels so threatened by it, means it has some truth in it that they fear.

  4. DonH says:

    In one fell swoop, Fox has revealed that AI is rigged.

    They are dead set on a Bo/Carrie show down and Constantine was a threat to Bo, thus, he had to go. Scott is not a threat. Of course keeping Scott in will cause drama. People will be watching and voting now to get him out. They should have chosen to get rid of Anthony. People would have bought into that choice. Constantine was the wrong choice if they wanted to keep people from realizing the whole voting thing is a scam.

    TV shows are all about ratings and “voting” is a way of making people think they are involved with the show and keep them coming back.

  5. Sara Elisabeth says:

    Fox’s American Idol commercial I saw last night made it oh so obvious that producers, NOT viewers decide the outcome. The commercial stated; “five contstants, five UNIQUE talents……who will be the next to go.” They could not have sold that angle if Constantine was still in the contest. Now they have their rocker, their country gal, their R&B diva, their underdog (Scott), and their boy-band crooner. Fox and Cingular are laughing all the way to the bank!

  6. Pam says:

    I think Simon is the most truthful on American
    Idol. He might hurt your feelings, but he’s doesn’t sugar coat it. If your good he tells you
    and if your bad he also lets you know and how you could possibly improve. I’ve agreed with him
    every time. You go Simon!

  7. pat ski says:

    how in the world has scott managed to stay on wek after week, he is horrible Cant SING at all,simon was right when he told him to pack his bags

  8. Don says:

    Carrie: Reba 2.0
    Bo: Joe Cocker 3.5
    Vonzell: Whitney 2.0
    Anthony: Clay 2.0
    Scott: Kareoke Bar 0.5