Anarchists’ Convention Debates Voting

ABC News – Anarchists’ Convention Debates Voting

A group of anarchists is taking an unusual step to make its political voice heard going to the polls. Anarchists generally pride themselves on their rejection of government and its authority. But a faction of them fed up with the war in Iraq say they plan to cast anti-Bush votes this fall.
The voting debate was just one of the topics explored at the three-day North American Anarchist Convergence, which brought about 175 participants to Ohio University.

Some attendees rejected the voting proposal. “Ultimately, those who are voting are either bad anarchists or not anarchists at all,” said Lawrence, a “Californian in his mid-40s” who declined to give his last name. “No one can represent my interests. We reject political professionals.”

Via Eugene Volokh, who apparently found the question intriguing. Personally, I just wonder how anarchists ever manage to organize a big meeting.

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  1. Bithead says:

    Funny you should bring this up; Billy Beck and I touched breifly on this question some weeks ago. Too briefly, I’m afraid to have any real answers from the discussion.

  2. pennywit says:

    I just wonder how they call the meeting to order.


  3. Joel says:

    In the coalition cabinet of Spain’s Republican government in the 1930s, I believe an Anarchist served as the Minister of Transport. Boggles the mind. No wonder the Fascists received credit for making the trains run on time. *Anything* would likely have been an improvement.

  4. Joel says:

    Sorry. Anarchists (FAI/CNT) held the portfolios for Commerce, Industry, Justice, and Health. Mind-boggling enough, but not quite so cute.

  5. McGehee says:

    Penny, the same thought occurred to me. “I hereby call this First Annual Convention of American Anarchists to disorder. The clerk will now read the bylaws…”