ABC’s RatherGate Update

Michelle Malkin reports that the South Florida Sun-Sentinal is the only newspaper in the country covering the controversy over the apparently forged “GOP talking points” memo on the Terri Schiavo law. This, despite the fact the Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg has called for a congressional inquiry. Meanwhile, Howie Kurtz is still flogging the Maggie Gallagher payola story.

Go figure.

Update (Apr. 7): Senator Martinez̢۪ Office Source of Schiavo Memo

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  1. Jo macDougal says:

    The MSM’s hatred of America forces them to lie in order to smear America. No other way to do it.

  2. Rod Stanton says:

    No. The MSM can smear America by just not telling all the news. Best example recently is the 10% coverage of the War on Terror. Only the negative news gets reported. Have to go to the blogs to get the other 90% which is positive. Lies are not necessary. That they resort to lies only shows how bigoted the MSM is.