Jesse Ventura writes an open letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger in this week’s Time. The beginning is fairly amusing:

Arnold, what the heck are you doing? You’re getting out of Hollywood to go into politics? Well, then forget agents and studio bosses–now you’re dealing with real predators. But since your mind is made up, I hope you won’t mind a little advice from someone who’s been there.

Now, I know you’re a Republican, but I hope you won’t go out on the trail and act like a politician. Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference: people don’t like politicians. Which is completely understandable, since most of them act like cyborgs, robotically selling the latest talking points from party headquarters.

Heh. Well, we know Arnold can act like a cyborg.

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James Joyner
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  1. John Lemon says:

    What do you mean “act” like a cyborg? I thought he was one.