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As I mentioned in my introductory post, every week I edit something called “The Carnival of the Liberated” at Dean Esmay’s blog, Dean’s World. It’s a round-up of the best posts of the week from Afghan and Iraqi bloggers.

Don’t blame me for the Carnival’s title: it’s something I inherited. Every week I monitor more than 200 blogs, sometimes reading 1,000 posts or more looking for the most interesting and best-written posts of the week. The Carnival is not a propaganda exercise: I do my level best to ensure that all viewpoints are fairly represented. I avoid editorial comments and, generally, try to give the Afghan and Iraqi bloggers center stage.

The Carnival of the Liberated has returned to Dean’s World following a one-week hiatus for the U. S. elections. This week’s edition focuses (mostly) on just two issues: reaction to Saddam’s verdict and reaction to the American elections.

Check it out. If you’ve never read a post by an Afghan or Iraqi blogger or, if the only Iraqi bloggers whose work you’ve read are Riverbend and Iraq the Model, you may be in for a surprise. They represent an enormous diversity of opinion.

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