Al Hunt Leaves ‘WSJ’ for Bloomberg

Al Hunt Leaves ‘WSJ’ for Bloomberg (Editor & Publisher)

After 39 [years] at The Wall Street Journal, Al Hunt is leaving the newspaper to join Bloomberg News. He’ll take the post of managing editor for government reporting, according to memo from Matt Winkler, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, posted today at the Poynter Institute’s Romenesko site. Hunt, a fixture of political talk shows, is currently the Journal’s Washington-based executive editor.

In another Bloomberg staff move, Rich Jaroslovsky has been named the news service’s managing editor for government and economy in the Americas. Also a Journal vet, he served as the paper’s White House correspondent during the Reagan administration and the first managing editor of before joining Bloomberg earlier this year as an editor-at-large.


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  1. ken says:

    Al Hunt has one of the weakest minds in the industry. He has a tenueous, at best, hold on reality. I have to check elsewhere for confirmation on everything the man has ever written as I find his articles too often factually challenged to be held credible.