Well, if there can be nostalgia for the 1970s, this was pretty much inevitable: NPR : Countess of Culture: ’80s Fashion Comeback

Boy George, lead singer of the band Culture Club, was the paragon of 1980s fashion. But if you didn’t get your fill of the karma chameleon back then, fear not: Boy George is back, this time on Broadway.

His new autobiographical musical, Taboo, opened last night in New York City. Rosie O’Donnell dumped $10 million into the production, hoping that people who were teens in the 80s will fill theater seats and reminisce.

But who needs the theater when you can step outside your front door and see side ponytails, ripped sweatshirts, aqua eye shadow and parachute pants? Is it true that ’80s fashions are making a comeback? Day to Day Countess of Culture Jessica Seigel digs deep into the bargain bins — and her own closet — to get the lowdown…

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