Alleged Terrorist Recruiters Arrested in Spain

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Via the AP: Spain Arrests 15 on Terror Charges

Fifteen North Africans were arrested in Spain on Monday on suspicion of recruiting volunteers to fight in Iraq and other countries.

Spain’s Interior Ministry said computer material, jihad propaganda and several cell phones were seized during at least five pre-dawn raids throughout Spain. No arms or explosives were discovered.

Thirteen of the 15 were Moroccan and two were from Algeria, according to the statement, which said the group was operating as a cell that allegedly send money and fighters to different terrorist organizations in north Africa, Iraq and other countries.

When one wonders “why Spain?” one must remember:

Al-Qaida has frequently claimed that it intends to recover ”al-Andalus,” a reference to the vast area of Spain ruled by the Moors for 800 years until 1492.

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  1. Barry says:

    And England? Germany? Are they part of the Caliphate?

    Or perhaps AQ takes them where they can find them.