Americans Visiting Toronto

I was ordering a pint of “Boddingtons” at the bar toward the beginning of last night’s blogger bash when a gentleman introduced himself and his wife as American tourists. Were we bloggers?, he asked. Yes, I replied, and observed how good it was to find Americans visiting Toronto. I was curious what they had thought of this week’s electoral result. Were they fleeing the forces of chimperialism or had they been well pleased by events? We’re celebrating!, he said. Around you, I replied, are Canadian warbloggers and you, sir, are in the right place.

This is the part that left me speechless. He thanked us. Not Canadian bloggers in particular but bloggers in general for making the case the MSM does not make and doing our best to help bring about the result that had to be brought about. So while they were not in the room it remains true that Powerline, INDC Journal, LGF, Ace of Spades HQ and so many more were with us in spirit.

Flea’s Winston Review has a good round up of links for this week.

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