Amy Bishop Charged With Murder

Professor Amy Bishop has been charged with three counts of murder.

UAH professor Dr. Amy Bishop has been charged with murder in connection with a deadly shooting that killed three people and injured three more Friday afternoon.

Huntsville police spokesman Sgt. Mark Roberts said Bishop was charged Saturday morning with one count of capital murder.

Personally, I’m outraged that Bishop is being charged by civilian law enforcement. Indeed, I’d be willing to wager that she was Mirandized, to boot. This despite the fact that she clearly committed an act of terrorism against a government institution. Shockingly, by all accounts it also appears that the Obama Administration is going to also idly standby and allow her to be tried in the same jurisdiction that her crime was committed in. Outrageous!

By trying Bishop in civilian court, we’re only going to embolden other tenure-track professors to commit the same crime. But of course, Obama’s going to let this happen. He himself was an untenured professor and clearly sympathizes with Bishop.


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  1. anjin-san says:

    Can’t there just be a summary execution? All this due process crap is for sissies.

  2. Boyd says:


    “Incoherent” seems to be a more apt description. You’ve been stealing Triumph’s medication for your own use, haven’t you, Alex?

  3. jay says:

    Well, ain’t you just too cute for words?
    Mighty proud of yourself are you there little man?

  4. Michael Reynolds says:

    Have we even seen her long form birth certificate?

  5. HunterPend says:

    Alex (Mr Knapp?):
    Obviously, I don’t comment much on the blogosphere but am a regular reader here. I have a very high regard for this site, including your commentary. There is no need to water it down being snarky, the ‘internet’ is full of people to do that for you.

  6. *turns the sarcasm light on for Boyd*

  7. DL says:

    Not the usual high quality found on this site. Childish,immature, and worse of all, it doesn’t work!

  8. john personna says:

    I was a little slow on the pick-up, but yes, Amy is clearly an enemy combatant.

  9. Michael Reynolds says:


    Humor is not a watering down. It is often a sharpened quill.

  10. tom p says:

    Childish,immature, and worse of all, it doesn’t work!

    At first I thought DL was talking about the GOP, then I thought, “Nah, much more accurate description of the Dems.” Then I realized, he means Congress.

  11. JKB says:

    Clearly, her mistake was in selecting a State institution in Alabama for her terrorist acts. Had she chosen Harvard, she would have the benefit of her historical enablers in the local machine. Instead, her past acts have revealed the appearance of impropriety and political meddling. Under such circumstances and in Obama’s embattled position, Obama may not have to juice to provide a favor to a Democrat Party member.

    We cannot be sure that she wasn’t Mirandized to stop interrogations that might develop intelligence against certain members of the Massachusetts political establishment.

  12. ulyssesunbound says:

    Sorry Alex, Michael, and Anjin, but JKB wins this battle of sarcasm.

    His was so well written, so subtle, I almost thought he was serious.