Amy Richards Redux

Michelle Malkin passes on a NY Sun report [$] that the editors at the New York Times Magazine didn’t know that Amy Richards, whose horrific tale of selectively aborting two of her triplets caused such a stir, was a prominent abortion activist.

Says Malkin,

I found it incredibly misleading that the Times presented Richards as an average, common mother who had no other agenda but to pour her soul out to the public.

Indeed. What’s more damning, though, is that word of Richards’ identity got around the blogosphere within hours. How is it that the NYT was caught napping?

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  1. Mike Ward says:

    So, what does Amy intend to tell the surviving child when he/she learns its siblings were deleted/recycled for convenience? I’ve never seen a female dog so insensitive to its offspring, so Amy doesn’t quite qualify for the “B” word. Is there a word or phrase for someone a little less?