An Interview With The Nativity Innkeeper

From science fiction writer John Scalzi, this may be the funniest Christmas story ever:

Joe comes in and asks for a room, and I tell him we’re all out of rooms and have been for months. Foot races. Theater groupies. And such. And he says, come on, please. I’ve got a pregnant lady with me. And I say, you hear that down the hall? I’m full up with pregnant ladies. And he says, this baby is important. And I say, hey, buddy, I don’t care if he’s the Son of God, I don’t have any rooms.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. sam says:

    Why do you hate the baby Jesus?

  2. sam says:

    On a more serious, less serious note. I just wish the Church Fathers who decided to purge all those other gospels out of the canon hadn’t been so damn serious about the whole thing. I mean, here’s a guy who hung out with barflies and tax collectors and other unsavories. I’m pretty sure, in order to talk to those folks, he had to have had a sense of humor. I’m not saying that among the expurgated we’d find Uncle Yehoshua’s Whiz Bang, but I’m pretty sure we’d find some stories out there that showed he could laugh.