An Observation: The Real Problem Regarding the Budget

As things continue to devolve into one giant game of “I know you are, but what am I?” and/or
“he started it!” (otherwise known as “The Republicans are trying to shut down the government over petty riders”/”No! The Democrats are the ones willing to shut down the government over petty riders!”) I can’t help but think that the fundamental problem is the fact there was never a full budget passed in the first place.

And, I would hasten to add:  this seems to be an increasingly routine practice by Congresses run by both parties.  Once can go to Thomas and click though to see the incidences of continuing resolutions in the last decade.

Setting the annual is one of the key responsibilities of the national legislature, and it is one that they are failing to fulfill.

Some discussion of this at the Monkey Cage:  431 Days and Counting for a Budget!

Steven L. Taylor
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