An Odd Incentive in Venezuela

Via the BBC: Venezuela mango-thrower gets flat from president

A Venezuelan woman has had her wish for a flat granted by President Nicolas Maduro after she made her point by hitting him on the head with a mango.

Marleny Olivo threw the fruit at the president while he was driving a bus through the central state of Aragua.

It had a message on it, in which she pleaded for his help.

Hit the president in the head with a piece of fruit, win an apartment is an intriguing carnival game, to be sure.

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  1. Given Maduro’s history with political dissent, I wonder if “being granted space in a mass housing project” is a new euphemism for being sent to prison.

  2. James Pearce says:

    Being an American, my first impulse was…”Why would you want a flat?”

    Then I thought, well, maybe she needs help changing a tire. (Tyre?)

    But no….it’s the Beeb.

  3. jukeboxgrad says: