Ana Log’s Underwhelming Debut

TIME Magazine’s new Washington Editor Ana Marie Cox of Wonkette-fame has a new feature called Ana Log in which she allegedly “translates the Beltway scene.” You be the judge, but I find it neither insightful nor amusing:

•DONALD RUMSFELD, facing the Senate Armed Services Committee, claims that “you’d have a dickens of a time trying to find instances where I’ve been excessively optimistic” about the Iraq war. Dickens is apparently Rummy-ese for “shockingly easy.”

•Controversy erupts in the hotly contested Connecticut Senate primary after a free-lance blogstress posts an image of JOSEPH LIEBERMAN as Bill Clinton’s “Little Black Sambo.” Challenger Ned Lamont claims to not know nothin’ about no bloggers. It’s a comment on how badly the race has gone for Lieberman that his team seems to count the incident as a “win.”

•White House spokesman Tony Snow holds the last press conference in the JAMES BRADY BRIEFING ROOM before the corps moves across the street and the dank former swimming pool gets a high-tech makeover. Even money on whether Bush will ever let the press back in.

•A p.r. firm connected to Exxon Mobil appears to be behind a ham-fisted parody of AL GORE. (Hey, did you know he’s considered boring? It’s true!) In the Internet age, the only kind of political trick less trustworthy than a slick campaign ad is an amateurish one.

•JOHN MCCAIN’S political action committee hires Charlie Condon, one of the architects of George W. Bush’s scurrilous South Carolina 2000 primary victory, during which third parties supposedly planted disturbing rumors about the Senator. McCain has gone from sucking up to conservatives to asking them to bandage the stab wounds in his back.

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  1. legion says:

    What’s shocking to me is that I’m pretty sure every single one of those items is more than a week old… That’s Jurassic era in internet/blog-time. Either she’s totally lost touch with the posting cycle since she left Wonkette & started bucking for a bigger job or she’s deliberately aiming for a much less net-savvy audience.

  2. Anderson says:

    Right, JJ, but it’s in Time. Thus, it’s for people who have never heard of any of this stuff before, don’t really care about it, but want to briefly experience the sensation of knowing something about it.

    Time is to print journalism what the Today Show is to TV journalism.

  3. You know, there’s an anal sex joke just waiting to be made about that inane title.

    In any event, now we have a complement to the Special Report “Grapevine,” which usually is only 3-4 days behind the blogosphere…

  4. But she is upholding the standards of objectivity and fairness for which the MSM is so well known.