And Now for Something Completely Different

A bit of levity to distract from all the Syria talk (via the BBC):  Vladimir Putin ‘underwear’ painting removed from Russian gallery

Police in Russia have seized a painting depicting the country’s president Vladimir Putin in women’s underwear from an art gallery in St Petersburg.

The portrait features President Putin combing the hair of Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev.

Its artist, Konstantin Altunin, has since left the country to seek asylum in France, according to the director of St Petersburg’s Museum of Power.

Police said four paintings that were seized broke unspecified legislation.

Well, the painting is amusing, the clear lack of civil liberties in Russia, actually, quite sobering.

But, to focus on the levity:

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  1. merl says:

    No wonder the artist ran away.

  2. Walter says:

    It’s been done before. As usual the Russians are 25 years behind. USA! USA!

    Though the Russian artist seems to be more talented than the Chicagoan.

  3. Phillip says:

    Mr. Putin, I give you the Streisand effect.

  4. Tillman says:

    He gave a nice set of knockers to Medvedev.

  5. 11B40 says:


    A couple of evenings ago, I was watching “The Debate” segment on the France24 news broadcast. One of the interviewe√©s was a Russian woman who counseled the panel that Russia has had Muslim countries on its borders for hundreds of years and something may be learned by listening to what it has to offer.

    So, is Putin encroaching on Muslimania by having offensive “artwork” banned ???