Andrew Sullivan’s Underdogs

Andrew Sullivan welcomes two more dogs to the Dish.

Andrew Sullivan‘s empire continues to grow:

I’m more than psyched therefore to announce the latest evolution: in addition to Chris and Patrick, two other former interns are returning to add more beef and depth and color to the Dish. Zoe Pollock – coming from the NewsHour – will both be helping me organize this contraption that grew up around me, as well as under-blogging. Conor Friedersdorf, no stranger to Dish readers, will be under-blogging with his usual range of interests and keen eye, but also focusing on both the degeneracy of the conservative movement, and the green shoots we are beginning to see of a saner, more imaginative, more traditionally conservative policy revival.

We’ve added a new masthead to acknowledge these changes.

Ta da:

So, which of the dogs at Sully’s feet is Conor and which is Zoe?

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  1. Funny thing is I generally like what Conor writes. He might actually improve things over at the TDD.

    Unless Sully goes back into Trig mode again.

  2. Herb says:

    I suppose Friedersdorf’s addition is because True/Slant is closing down shop.  Good for him, I say.  I just hope he gets free rein.