Another Sign Of How Badly Run Herman Cain’s Campaign Is

The man hired to be Herman Cain’s bodyguard turns out to have had quite the criminal record:

Meet Kris Herzog: Bodyguard, twice-convicted criminal, and possible extortionist.

In 2009, Herzog twice impersonated a police officer.

On one occasion, he used his fake police car- a police-standard Crown Victoria, equipped with lights and sirens and emblazoned with a “Police Interceptor” logo- to pull over a driver who had cut him off on the freeway. Herzog was armed at the time of this ”road rage”.

A month later, Herzog followed a woman out of a grocery store, pursued her, and used his fake police car to pull her over and ask her personal questions. The terrified woman fled the scene and found a genuine police officer, who arrested Herzog- and discovered that Herzog was also illegally carrying an unregistered handgun.

Herzog pled “No Contest” to the two counts, served 255 days in jail and was sentenced to three years’ probation (he is still on probation as of this writing). As an interesting aside, Herzog has the same probation officer as Lindsay Lohan.

There’s more to the story: Herzog is also promoting a tell-all book, sharing secrets about the celebrities he has protected. His website states he “has never signed a non-disclosure agreement”- as if this justifies violating one of the most basic ethical rules of the executive protection industry: “Keep your client’s secrets secret”.

In this book, Herzog claims that he had a sexual relationship with Oksana Grigorieva- Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend; he also claims to have “proof” that Grigorieva was attempting to extort money from Gibson. Grigorieva’s attorney denies the relationship claim, and describes Herzog as “half blackmailer, half psychopath”.

This is the guy Herman Cain decided to hire as his bodyguard.

Much more at the link, and I encourage you to check it out

Herzog has resigned from his job after the revelations came out but, one wonders why nobody on the campaign bothered to conduct a background check on this guy or, if they did, why they thought it would be a good idea to have him be the candidate’s bodyguard.

The only conclusion one can reach is that it’s complete amateur hour over there.

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  1. Brett says:

    I agree with the “amateur hour” explanation. Herzog’s a huge self-promoter, and he probably promoted himself heavily to Herman Cain as the right man for the job, etc.

  2. Bullcrap. Even an amateur would know to background search their people.

  3. Rick Almeida says:

    Maybe Cain can hire Bernie Kerik, too.

  4. Van says:

    Cain claims to have pulled Godfather’s from the brink of bankruptcy. In reality they had two declining years but were projected to recover. From the time he was placed in charge to his purchase of the company, the company’s value plummeted and sales declined – they went from fourth to seventh among pizza chains.

    The guy is a fraud. We’d all like a more conservative to Romney, but Cain isn’t it.

  5. Van says:

    *more conservative alternative to Romney

  6. anjin-san says:

    Cain had some big news to share today:

    Herman Cain Warns China Is Seeking ‘Nuclear Capability’

    Can Republicans possibly offer up a collection of bigger boobs and clowns? What’s the problem? Bush did not have time to destroy the country, and there is still work – hard work – to do?