Another Use for Drones

Via the BBC:  Drone carrying drugs crashes near US-Mexico border

A drone carrying more than six pounds (2.7kg) of methamphetamine has crashed near Mexico’s border with the US.

Mexican police in Tijuana say they were alerted to an unidentified object in a car park of a shopping centre.

“The drone had packages taped to it and was covered with plastic bags containing the drug known as crystal”, the local police chief said.

Add this to the list of tunnels, catapults, and so forth to thwarted one of the purposes of the “danged fence.”

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  1. Just 'nutha' says:

    Yeah, but if we just were willing (as in “had the cohones”) to go to war with Mexico and take over the country once and for all…

  2. Tillman says:

    @Just ‘nutha’: I’ve been saying this for years. #MoreStarsForTheFlag

  3. bill says:

    the yin/yang at work. won’t be long before someone puts a bomb on one and does something bad.