Video: Four Iraqis Beheaded; Another American Kidnapped

Another American kidnapped; video shows 4 Iraqis beheaded (AP)

Gunmen kidnapped a Lebanese-American businessman — the second U.S. citizen seized this week in Baghdad — and militants released a tape showing the beheading of an Iraqi officer as a warning to those who deal with ”the infidel” Americans. An unknown group claimed it beheaded three Iraqi National Guardsmen.

Elsewhere, a U.S. soldier was killed and another wounded Wednesday in a roadside bombing 12 miles south of the capital. A suicide driver detonated his vehicle at a checkpoint near Baghdad airport, injuring nine Iraqis and prompting U.S. troops to close the main route into the city for hours.


In another video, aired Wednesday on Al Jazeera television, a previously unknown group calling itself the Brigades of Iraq’s Honorables said it beheaded three Iraqi National Guards, accusing them of spying for the Americans.

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