Anti-Surge Bill to Pass House

YahooNews has given the headline “Bill opposing troop surge likely to pass – Yahoo! News” to an AP story by Anne Flaherty. The story makes clear, though, that the passage is only in the House and that there is virtually no chance of it getting through the Senate. Ergo, the bill is not likely to pass.

All manner of bills make it past through the House. That’s easy: The party leadership rules with an iron first and it’s virtually impossible for the opposition party to stop anything. The Senate is and always has been the real test.

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James Joyner
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  1. I have long learned to take AP news stories and especially AP headlines with a large grain of truth. There is usually a pony somewhere if you have the patience to dig deep enough, but you often have to dig deep to separate out the world as they would want as opposed to the world as it is.

    But there is a large portion of the population who can not see past the headline/first paragraph. For those who take the AP at their word and also wish to see congress stop the surge before it succeeds, how soon before they start to turn on the democratic majority. The bill opposing troop surge passed, so why is it still going on?

  2. If only everything they passed could be non-binding for a couple of years…