Anti-Work Activists Infiltrate Montreal Borough


City workers in the Montreal borough of Ville Marie are facing disciplinary action after an investigation showed it took 90 staff hours to fill nine potholes.

The 10 employees involved face disciplinary action.

Members of the city’s internal investigation service secretly followed three work crews during their shifts last month. The workers, who earn about $22 per hour, were on a shift dedicated to filling potholes.

The investigation found one team spent six minutes of a nine-hour overnight shift fixing potholes. The team spent another 2.5 hours doing odd jobs and then filled the remainder of the shift at restaurants or at their home base.


Borough Mayor Benoît Labonté [who ordered the investigation] defended city staffers, saying most employees are dedicated and hard-working.

“If there is a small bunch of activists who don’t want to work, or let [others] work. These are the ones I will target,” said Labonté.

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  1. Jay Tea says:

    Shouldn’t that be “anti-work INactivists?”