Apple Makes It Easier To Avoid Contact With Actual Humans

A new iPhone app allows you to visit an Apple Store, make a purchase, and leave , with virtually no interaction with another human being:

If you’d like to get in and out quickly when shopping at the Apple Store, grab the Apple Store app. Version 2 now provides a mobile self-checkout option so you can scan a barcode, pay with your iPhone, and go.

In the future, I’m sure, Siri will be able to take care of it all for you remotely.

H/T: Balloon Juice

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  1. mantis says:

    Considering my last interaction at the Apple store, this would be a welcome development if I owned an iPhone.

    I went into Apple, which was filled with employees, trying to buy an iPad. I couldn’t get any employees to help me for at least ten minutes, and finally when I managed to hijack one, he told me I needed to go to one of the tables and use the iPad there to request assistance. I did so, and two minutes later the same employee walked over to help me. What a stupid system.