Arizona Judge Receiving Death Threats Over Immigration Ruling

Well, this is rather disconcerting:

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton received hundreds of threats at her court offices within hours of her ruling on Arizona’s tough and controversial immigration law.
“She has been inundated,” said U.S. Marshal David Gonzales, indicating his agents are taking some seriously. “About 99.9 percent of the inappropriate comments are people venting. They are exercising their First Amendment rights and a lot of it is perverted. But it’s that 0.1 percent that goes over the line that we are taking extra seriously.”
Gonzales would not say if any threats were coming from recognized hate groups or if Bolton had received threats at her home. Nor would he discuss any extra security measures, which U.S. marshals routinely provide federal judges.

“It is policy at a juncture like this to increase security at the courthouse. Beyond that, I cannot discuss security matters,” Gonzales said.


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  1. Karl in SLC says:

    Seems par for the course for repubs/racist/teabaggers…..

  2. john says:

    i agree with Doug on this one. Idiots, just  like the idiots who made death threats against the judge in LA who ruled against Obama’s off shore drilling moratorium.
    Was that par for the course for democrats/lefties/environmentalists, Karl? Or is your faux outrage selective?