August Stats and Referrers

A bit delayed by the long holiday weekend, OTB’s monthly navel gazing report:

OTB had 191,976 unique visits, 413,927 page views, and 1,504,556 hits in the month of August according to my site host and a bit over 160,000 unique visits according to SiteMeter. This was the third straight month of decline in traffic (although, oddly, my hits are up slightly despite a significant decline in unique visits) which had surged owing to the fascination of search engine users for beheading videos and such.

Easily my most popular entry for the month was Kerry Salute, which was linked by Glenn Reynolds, Lucianne, and others. Surprisingly, the Lucianne surge was much more substantial than the InstaLanche. July’s Paige Davis Stripping continued to draw substantial interest and Kerry Overexposed, my in-depth coverage of Alexandria Kerry’s uncoverage, made a dramatic comeback. Collectively, my coverage of the intelligence reform debate, the war on jihadists, and campaign 2004 drew the most traffic. For surge performance, however, novelty posts continue to dominate.

The following sites are the top weblog referrers for the month of August:

They’ll be enshrined in the left sidebar until replaced by the September list. Thanks to all who read and link OTB.

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