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When Innocent People Confess To Crimes They Didn’t Commit

Why do innocent people confess to crimes they didn’t commit, and what should we do about it ?

Mitch Daniels Making Opening Moves For 2012 Run

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels appears to be quietly putting together the beginnings of a campaign for President of the United States. Don’t count him out by any means.

Justice Breyer: Laws Against Koran Burning May Not Be Unconstitutional

In comments this morning, Justice Stephen Breyer seemed to suggest that Koran burning might not necessarily be Constitutionally protected.

Olympia Snowe Vulnerable To Conservative Challenge In Maine

The strength of the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party manifests itself in a poll out of Maine showing the Olympia Snowe is vulnerable to a primary challenge in 2012.

Gingrich Draws Fire For Remarks About Obama’s “Kenyan Worldview”

Newt Gingrich is drawing fire for his comments about that the President has a “Kenyan world view.” But, will Newt every pay the price for his inflammatory rhetoric ? Don’t count on it.

A Tea Party Upset In New York ?

In addition to Delaware, the Tea Party movement appears to have a shot to upset an establishment candidate in New York.

Boehner Willing To Let Bush Tax Cuts Expire For Wealthiest Americans

The political fight over the extension of the Bush tax cuts took a very interesting turn today.

Newt Gingrich: Obama May Follow A “Kenyan Worldview”

Newt Gingrich is feeding the fires again, this time claiming that the President may be guided by a “Kenyan,” “anti-colonialist” worldview.

Instapundit’s Initial Take On 9/11

Taking a short trip back in time via Instapundit’s archives reveals a September 11th post that turned out to be prophetic.

Stupid Media Memes

Kagan Recuses Herself From 21 Of 40 Cases SCOTUS Will Hear In 2010-11 Term

Elena Kagan has announced that she will not participated in the consideration of more than half the cases currently scheduled to be hear by the Supreme Court when it’s new term begins in October.

Medal Of Honor Awarded To First Living Recipient Since Vietnam War

Sergeant Salvatore A. Giunta is the first living recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War.

Koran Burning And Media Navel Gazing

The media is now starting to look at it’s own role in the whole Koran burning story, but the truth is that there really wasn’t any way they could’ve ignored the story.

Florida Pastor Cancels Koran Burning, Amid Bizarre Claims About “Ground Zero Mosque”

Over the course of a little more than two hours, the “Burn A Koran Day” story merged with the “Ground Zero Mosque” story in a bizarre media circus that seems to have accomplished little other than give press attention to a bigoted Pastor in Florida.

New Poll Links Anti-Muslim Sentiment And Opposition To “Ground Zero Mosque”

A new poll indicates that there are some disturbing motivations that seem to be associated with opposition to the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.”

Fidel Castro Admits Communism Doesn’t Work

Fidel Castro is back in the public eye, but he’s singing a slightly different tune now.

Who Will Be Rahm’s Replacement ?

With Rahm Emanuel apparently set to leave the White House to run for Mayor of Chicago, speculation is turning to who may replace him in what some have called the nation’s de facto Prime Minister-ship.

About That Ten Point Democratic Gain In The Latest Gallup Poll

According to Gallup, there was a ten point move in the public’s preference on the Generic Congressional Ballot between last week and this week. What’s more likely is that Gallup is making a mistake somewhere.

Washington Post Columnist Falls For Twitter Fake Congressman Parody

The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart is suffering a little New Media embarrassment after writing a blog post based on comments by a Congressman who doesn’t exist.

Murkowski Still Looking To Get On Alaska Ballot

Despite conceding the primary race last week, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is apparently still trying to find a way to get on the November ballot.

Fifty-Six Days Out, A Tidal Wave Approaches

As the mid-term elections enter their final eight weeks, there’s more bad news for Democrats.

Paul Krugman’s Economic Silliness

According to Paul Krugman’s latest column, the massive destruction of World War Two was actually good for the U.S. economy. Sadly, there are people who consider him an expert.

Delaware And The Battle Between The Beltway GOP And The Tea Party

Christine O’Donnell has become the latest star of the Tea Party movement, and her primary battle with Mike Castle the latest battleground over the future of the Republican Party.