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Dumbest GOP Meme Yet: Does The President Deserve A Vacation ?

The Obama’s are vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard again this year so, of course, it’s time for people to say stupid things about Presidential leisure activities again.

Silly Story Of The Weekend: Rand Paul Gets Donation From Porn Queen

Rand Paul is apparently taking heat from some of his more socially conservative supporters after FEC reports indicate he received a donation from the owner of an Adult web site. People need to get a life.

How Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Helps The Cause Of Those That Would Kill Us

America’s obsession over the fate of the Burlington Coat Factory in Lower Manhattan, and a general rise in anti-Islamic rhetoric, plays right into the hands of the people that are actually our enemies.

Palin Taking Heat For Defense Of Dr. Laura

Sarah Palin’s decision to jump to the defense of “Doctor” Laura Schlessinger has many Republicans confused as to what her plans for the future are.

Obama Administration Steps Back Into Israeli/Palestinian Quagmire

Once again, an American President is stepping into the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and, once again, he has no idea how to accomplish the goals he’s established.

American Views On Islam: Ignorance Is Bliss

Why are people’s views about Islam so screwed up ? Mostly because the only things they know about it tend to be the worst possible aspects of all.

Report: U.S. Convinces Israel To Back Down On Iran, Or Maybe Not

The New York Times is reporting that the Obama Administration has convinced Israel that Iran is much further away from developing nuclear weapons than Tel Aviv fears, but there seems to be something else going on here.

Maybe The Gulf Oil Didn’t Go Away After All

It’s beginning to look like initial reports that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill had been “cleaned up” may not be true after all.

Once Again, Nobody Wants A Dollar Coin

Take a good look at that dollar coin, because you’re unlikely to see it circulation any time soon.

Associated Press To Staff: Don’t Call It The “Ground Zero Mosque”

The Associated Press tells its reports to stop using the phrase “Ground Zero Mosque.” That’s a good thing.

Roger Clemens Indicted For Perjury

Roger Clemens is probably regretting today the decision to testify before a Congressional committee about steroids back in 2008.

Sarah Palin Defends Dr. Laura, Gets First Amendment Wrong (Again)

Sarah Palin decided to get involved in the “Doctor Laura” Schlessinger controversy, and in the process displayed a blatant misunderstanding of the First Amendment.

1/5 Of Americans Still Believe The President Is A Muslim

Twenty percent of Americans still believe that Barack Obama is Muslim. Not only is it wrong, it says something rather disturbing about our country.

Rand Paul Maintains A Lead In Kentucky

Rand Paul’s initial mis-steps after winning the Republican primary seem to be largely behind him.

Ann Coulter Booted From World Net Daily Conference For Speaking To Gay Group

Ann Coulter has been dis-invited from a World Net Daily conference for her decision to speak at a convention sponsored by a gay conservative group.

Unease On The Right Over “Ground Zero Mosque” Rhetoric

Some Republicans are start to wonder if it’s such a good idea for their party to be so closely associated with the heated rhetoric surrounding the future of this former Burlington Coat Factory.

Rod Blagojevich Convicted On One Count, Jury Hung On 23

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, and his hair, will live to fight another day.


War-Mongering Over Iran And Israel

According to John Bolton, Israel has a deadline of August 21st to attack Iran’s nuclear program. This is the fourth deadline he’s set in the last three years.

Obama’s Approval Numbers Continue To Fall

If the President looks worried, he has a pretty good reason.

L.A. Traffic Meets Presidential Motorcade Gridlock

President Obama’s motorcade caused gridlock in the Los Angeles area last night, although one wonders how people could distinguish it form the average Monday.

The Manufactured “Ground Zero Mosque” Controversy

How did the future of this former Burlington Coat Factory turn into a national political issue ? Well, it’s a rather interesting story.

Appeals Court Reimposes Bar On California Gay Marriage Pending Appeal

Same-sex marriages are still barred in California, but how long that lasts is in the hands of three judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Huckabee Leads In Early 2012 Iowa Poll

On January 3, 2008 Mike Huckabee celebrated a victory in the Iowa Caucuses, will be able to repeat that in 2012 ?

Gates Says He Wants To Leave Pentagon in 2011

Robert Gates says he wants to retire next year, but will the call of duty cause him to stay longer ?

GOP Leader Downplays 2010 Expectations

You heard it here first, the GOP will not gain control of Congress in 2010.

Is The GOP Anti-Islamic ? No, But They Are Playing With Fire

The GOP is playing a dangerous game with the anti-Islamic rhetoric that it seems to be courting these days.

McCain Comes Out Against 14th Amendment “Reform”

When John McCain is the voice of reason in the GOP, things are really screwy.

Politics And The “Ground Zero Mosque”

President Obama’s decision to speak out on the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” has turned what was a hot-button cable news item into a political issue that even his fellow Democrats don’t want to deal with.