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Harry Reid’s Campaign Against Sharron Angle Having An Impact

Harry Reid has spent the summer trying to portray is opponent as a kook. So far, it’s working.

President Obama Defends “Ground Zero” Mosque, Religious Freedom

President Obama waded into the “Ground Zero” mosque controversy at a Ramadan dinner last night.

Republicans Guaranteed To Win In 2012 If Nominee Is Named “Generic Republican”

The poll numbers look grim for the President, but it’s still far too early to be making predictions about the 2012 elections.

Gay Marriages To Go Forward In California, Appeal May Be In Jeopardy

Judge Walker lifted the stay on his Order declaring Proposition 8 unconstitutional, but the big news may be the procedural defect that could doom any appeal.

Glenn Beck: Gay Marriage No Threat To Me, Or America

There’s not as much conservative unity on the gay marriage issue as there used to be.

Apparently, Hating Muslims Is Now A Family Value

The American Family Association has ramped up the nation’s anti-Muslim sentiment yet again.

MSNBC/WSJ Poll Reveals Gloomy, Pessimistic Electorate

According to a new MSNBC/Wall Street Journal poll, the public that will head to the polls in November is increasingly gloomy and pessimistic.

Robert Gibbs Still Under Fire: Congressman Calls Him “Bozo The Spokesman”

Democrats are currently engaged in a circular firing squad.

What Happens If (When) Israel Bombs Iran

Every new report out of Iran seems to bring us closer to the moment when Israel has decided it’s heard enough. What happens if that day actually happens ?

Colorado Primary Shows Evidence Of Enthusiasm Gap

The results of last night’s Colorado Senate primaries should be causing Democrats to worry.

McMahon, Buck, Bennet Win, Georgia Governor’s Race Too Close To Call

Another round of primaries last night made the playing field for November just a little bit clearer to see.

Republicans Splitting On 14th Amendment “Reform”

There isn’t as much GOP unity over the idea of changing America’s citizenship rules as you might think.

White House Unloads On “Professional Left”

The White House seems to be getting annoyed at the criticism coming it’s way from the left.

Former Senator Ted Stevens In Plane Crash That Killed Five

Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was one of nine people on board a plane that crashed in a remote area of Alaska overnight.

Conservatives Suddenly Love Hillary Clinton

Conservatives seem very eager for Hillary Clinton to get back on the campaign trial, but it’s not going to happen.

Anti-Muslim Sentiment In America: It’s Not Just About A Mosque Near “Ground Zero”

Protests against mosques aren’t just limited to Manhattan. And that’s a problem.

GOP Campaign Against Birthright Citizenship Falling Flat

The Republican campaign against birthright citizenship doesn’t seem to be gaining the kind of support they expected.

The Definition Of Insanity: Real Estate Edition

Lenders and Borrowers seem poised to make the same mistakes that brought about the last Housing Bubble all over again.

When Government Hands You Lemons

According to health inspectors in Portland, Oregon, this little girl is potentially a threat to your health and safety.

What’s Really Behind The GOP Rhetoric Against Birthright Citizenship

Is the GOP really serious about changing the citizenship rules in the 14th Amendment ? Not likely.

Republicans Avoiding Gay Marriage Ruling

The Republican Party is keeping relatively quiet on the Proposition 8 ruling. That’s a good idea.

Michelle Obama’s $ 375,000 Vacation

The First Family can go on vacation, but politics never does.