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As Kagan Hearings Begin, Republicans Struggle For Line Of Attack

As Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings begin, Senate Republican’s seem to have very little to hold against her.

Endless War Causing Trouble At The Top ?

Are new war strategies putting too much strain on commanders in the field ?

Americans Growing Weary Of Endless War

The public is growing tired of America’s Longest War.

GOP Disappointed In Schwarzenegger

The Governator will not be missed, apparently.

Did Rolling Stone Violate Journalistic Ethics In McChrystal Interview ?

Does it matter if the controversial McChrystal comments were “off the record” ? No, it doesn’t.

Jon Kyl Walks Back Claim That Obama Is Holding Border Security “Hostage”

Senator Jon Kyl is distancing himself from earlier comments that he made accusing the President of holding border security “hostage.”

Food Police Declare War On The Happy Meal

The legendary food police are going after Ronald McDonald and his Happy Meals.

New Poll Shows Americans Don’t Know Much About The Judiciary

When it comes to the Supreme Court, most Americans have no idea what they’re talking about.

Afghanistan Is Not Like Iraq, Even If The Same General Is In Charge

The odds that David Petraeus will be able to pull off a miracle in Afghanistan like he did in Iraq are very slim.

Endorsement By Sarah Palin Seen As A Negative, Poll Shows

“Endorsed by Sarah Palin” could become something that Democrats start using in negative campaign commercials.

Petraeus Backs July 2011 Afghanistan Withdrawal Timetable

David Petraeus says he supports the President’s Afghanistan policy, including the withdrawal timetable, but that means less than most people think it does.

Obama’s Approval Numbers Sinking Fast

Another poll brings bad news for the White House.

Time For A Fat President ?

Is it time to elect a President that doesn’t have that “lean and hungry look” ?

Elliot Spitzer Gets Prime Time Show On CNN

Client No. 9 will be appearing every weeknight at 8pm Eastern.

New Home Sales Hit Record Low After Tax Credit Expires

The real estate market is returning to normal after being artificially stimulated by a tax credit.

The Real News From The McChrystal Interview: The Troops Aren’t Happy

Stanley McChrystal’s fate is the story of the day, but there’s a broader message in the Rolling Stone story, and it has broad implications for the future of the Afghan War.

Question Of The Day: Will He Stay Or Will He Go ?

There’s really only one story in Washington, D.C. today, and Stanley McChrystal is the star player.

Nikki Haley Wins Republican Nomination For South Carolina Governor

Nikki Haley overcame a smear campaign and religious bigotry to come one step closer to the Governor’s Mansion in South Carolina.

Federal Judge Blocks Obama Administration’s Oil Drilling Moratorium

A Federal Judge in Louisiana has told the Obama Administration that it can’t ban offshore drilling in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

House Democrats Announce No Budget Will Be Passed In 2010

The House Democrats have just handed the GOP another issue to bash them with in the fall.

Obama Gets Failing Grade On Oil Spill Response

President Obama continues to suffer politically as a result of the oil spill crisis.

General McChrystal Crosses The Line

General Stanley McChrystal is opening his mouth again and, this time, it could cost him his job.

Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad Pleads Guilty

The Times Square bombing case has come to a swift end.