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James Joyner is a Security Studies professor at Marine Corps University's Command and Staff College and a nonresident senior fellow at the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. He's a former Army officer and Desert Storm vet. Views expressed here are his own. Follow James on Twitter @DrJJoyner.

Hillary Clinton Being Courted By Academia

Hillary Clinton is getting offers from universities to add her name and presence.

White House ‘Strongly Condemns’ Egypt Massacre

The Obama administration has issued a strongly worded statement on this morning’s massacre by the Egyptian government.

Pentagon Gets Gay Friendly in a Hurry

Until this year, being gay could get you kicked out of the military. Now, it comes with perks.

Job Openings Up 50 Percent, Hiring Up 5 Percent

A lot of new jobs are being advertised but not many people are being hired to fill them. Peter Orszag doesn’t know why.

Egyptian Forces Massacre Morsi Supporters, Hundreds Dead

Hundreds are dead as Egypt’s military government crack down on supporters of the democratically elected government they ousted.

David Jones, Former Joint Chiefs Chairman, Dead at 92

David C. Jones, who served as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Presidents Carter and Reagan, has died.

William P. Clark, Reagan National Security Advisor, Dead at 81

Bill Clark, who served as National Security Advisor and Interior Secretary under Ronald Reagan, has died at 81.

Air Force Academy Gets First Female Superintendent

Lieutenant General Michelle Johnson will be the first woman to lead a service academy.

Back to School

Your humble host is making a career move.

Holder: Let’s Not Enforce Our Drug Laws

The Attorney General wants to fight the war on drugs less stupidly.

Defense Department Weighing COCOM Realignment and Rebrand

The Pentagon is considering doing away with two combatant commands—and no longer calling them combatant commands.

Virginia Governors and Expensive Gifts

Bob McDonnell is not the first Old Dominion chief executive to supplement their income while in office.

Standing While Working

While periodic, strenuous exercise is better than nothing, constant movement is much better for our health.

Ban Tipping, Improve Service?

Jay Porter banned tipping in his high end restaurant and found that customer service and profits improved.

Dolphins Never Forget

“Say that, in 1993, you were at a bar having some beers with a dolphin” has been nominated and seconded as the “Best opening sentence. EVER.”

Rick Santorum Will Not be the 2016 Republican Nominee

It may be Rick Santorum’s “turn” but he’s too harsh and extreme to win the nomination.

TSA Expanding Beyond Airports

TheTransportation Security Administration is expanding its purview to train stations and sporting events.

Teaching Prevention is Not ‘Blaming the Victim’

The Air Force is telling airmen to take common sense steps to “avoid becoming a victim” of sexual assault.

Military Retirees May Lose Double Dip Retirement

The Pentagon is considering making military retirees ineligible for civil service pensions.

Air Force Now Accepting Single Parents, Pregnant Women

The Air Force will now allow pregnant women and single parents to join.

Navy Refuses to Track Money, Just Because

The Defense Department would like to get a handle on how it spends its money by 2017 but the Navy won’t go along.

Firm That Cleared Snowden Under Grand Jury Investigation

The government contractor that conducted Edward Snowden’s background investigation faces criminal indictment.

John McCain: Obama’s Secret Weapon?

The president’s 2008 rival has gone from bitter foe to go-to deal broker.

Pacific Beer Helps Avoid Breakdowns

Some century-old Pacific Beer beer ads are “nothing short of brilliant, absurd, and offensive.”

Tim Geithner DMV Woes

The DMV experience sucks just as much if you’re Tim Geithner.

State Department: Avoid Planet Earth, There Be Terrorists There

Al Qaeda may be up to something, so take no chances.

Wikileaks Media Ethics Wikileaks Media Ethics

CIA Had Dozens on Ground During Benghazi Attack

CNN reports that CIA is going to great lengths to keep operatives from talking about what happened at Benghazi.

Guantanamo Costs $2.7 Million Per Prisoner

Keeping 166 detainees in Gitmo costs taxpayers $454 million.

Cents More for Big Macs Could Mean Thousands More For Workers

A negligible price hike of hamburgers might enable fast food outlets to pay their workers much better.

Military Green Lights Playboy and Penthouse Before Banning Them

The military has declared that Playboy and Penthouse don’t violate its standards but banned them from its exchanges, anyway.

Death and the DMV

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Megan Welter: Iraq War Vet, NFL Cheerleader

Megan Welter served as a Signal Corps officer in the Iraq War. Now, she’s an Arizona Cardinals cheerleader.

Military Leaders Fighting Military Pay Raises Congress Forcing on Military

Congress really, really wants to give soldiers a 1.8 percent pay raise. Generals are begging them to hold it to 1 percent.

Pentagon May Cut Furlough Days

The Defense Department may have found the money to furlough its civilian workers fewer than 11 days.

Gay Bars Boycott Russian Vodka

Gay bars around the world are banning Russian vodka to protest the lack of gay rights in that country.

Clintons Resent Weiner Comparisons

Bill and Hillary are not cool with Anthony and Huma’s recollection of the 1990s.

Bradley Manning to be Pronounced Guilty Tomorrow Afternoon

Bradley Manning will learn his fate at 1 pm tomorrow. He’s guilty.

Army Debuts Unisex Combat Uniform

The Army is fielding a new uniform to make ladies feel more soldierly.

Limbaugh and Hannity Off Cumulus Stations?

The nation’s second largest broadcaster is balking at the prices to keep Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on its air.

Colonel Bud Day, American Hero, Dead at 88

Colonel Bud Day, who earned a Medal of Honor leading Vietnam POWs, had died, aged 88 years.

Furloughs Killing Productivity at Pentagon

Sequestration is even dumber than we thought.

Garth Brooks: Grandfather

Erstwhile country music legend Garth Brooks has become a grandfather.

J.J. Cale, Songwriter, Dead at 74

J.J. Cale, the Grammy-winning songwriter of such classics as “Cocaine” and “Call Me the Breeze,” has died aged 74.

Lindy Boggs, Former Congresswoman and Cokie Roberts’ Mom, Dead at 97

Lindy Boggs, the Louisiana Congresswoman best known to many of us as Cookie Roberts’ mom, has died at the ripe old age of 97.

Syrian Anti-Regime Forces Carry Out Mass Executions

Anti-Assad forces are committing atrocities in Aleppo.

Ty Carter Awarded Medal of Honor

Army Staff Sergeant Ty Carter will be the fifth living recipient of the Medal of Honor from the Afghanistan-Iraq era.

Coffee Reduces Suicide Risk

People who drink more coffee are less likely to kill themselves.

18 bodies in the past 30 minutes in the #MartyrRoom in the #Rabaa makeshift hospital! Not including other hospitals 18 bodies in the past 30 minutes in the #MartyrRoom in the #Rabaa makeshift hospital! Not including other hospitals

Egyptian Government Massacres More Peaceful Protestors

The US backed Egyptian government is massacring supporters of the ousted democratically elected government.

Juror B29 Did Not Say Zimmerman ‘Got Away with Murder’

ABC News selectively edited their interview with Juror B29 to give a false impression of what she said.