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Steven L. Taylor is Professor of Political Science and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Troy University. His main areas of expertise include parties, elections, and the institutional design of democracies. His most recent book is the co-authored A Different Democracy: American Government in a 31-Country Perspective. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas and his BA from the University of California, Irvine. He has been blogging since 2003 (originally at the now defunct Poliblog). Follow Steven on Twitter

The Iowa Caucuses Need to Go

A quadrennial reminder.

Governing? What’s That?

There isn’t a lot of legislating going on.

More Tales from the Trade War

This time: India.

More Hackery: This Time from Hugh Hewitt

His colum in WaPo isn’t very good.

Line of the Day

Trump’s negotiation style edition.

Looking to One Sentence about the Tariffs on Mexico

Either Trump doesn’t understand what he is talking about, or he thinks his supporters are dumb.

Forays into Hackery (Tucker and Derschowitz)

Wherein I explore the notion that ignorance is bliss.

A Critique of Mueller that Misses the Point

Perhaps NRO’s Charles W. Cooke needs to read the report (and do a better job of putting Mueller’s statements in context).

The Power of the Spoken Word

Yesterday’s press event with Robert Mueller underscores the importance of congressional testimony.

Bremmer’s Tweet was Stupid

Making up a Trump quote just gives cover to the real ones.

Let me Help Senator Graham out

Let’s look at the Mueller Report, shall we?

A Duty to Impeach?

Does the House have an obligation to proceed with impeachment?

The True Cost of Trade Wars

The cost of Trump’s trade policies are well beyond the cost of soy beans.

Today in Terrible Electoral College Columns

No, abolishing the EC would not turn farmers into serfs.

Tales from the Trade War

So good. So easy to win.

Democratic Primary Rules and Proportionality

More proportional than the GOP, but perhaps not as proportional as one might think.

Thinking Through the Impeachment Process

Forget high language about constitutional prerogatives. This is about parties and elections.

More Withering Beto

Setting aside poking a little fun, this number of candidates is just not sustainable.

Pell Money in Space?

There are better ways to use surplus Pell funds.

Whither Beto?

Beto is fading.

The Name-Caller-in-Chief

Trump’s penchant for behaving more like a talk radio host than a POTUS continues unabated.

On Angels, Ambition, and Institutions

More Madisonian musing on the current state of our constitutional order.

Back to Ambition Countering Ambition

Back to Fed 51 and this moment in oversight: we have to remember what ambitions drive politicians.

Partisanship, Separation of Powers, and the Limits of Oversight

As I have noted before: party trumps institutional pride. The Barr testimony is just another example.

A Photo for Friday: “Coventry Cathedral”

A Saturday edition.

Barr v. Mueller

It seems as if Donald Trump finally has the AG he has always wanted.

An Impeachment Primer

In case anyone needs a refresher.


Some say yes, others no.

A Photo for Friday: “Purple Dreams”

Happy Friday afternoon.

An Observation on Trump’s Taxes

The story is shifting, which makes me even more suspicious.

A Reminder about Higher Ed

US higher education is made up of far more than just the Ivies and other elite schools.

Climate Change and Central America

More pressures on a region already struggling.

George Will on Trump’s Fed Nominees

Let’s just say that he isn’t impressed.

Don’t Throw Me in that Briar Patch!

Trump and company have a cartoonish view of immigration policy.

The US Fertility Rate and Immigration

The US is reproducing below the replacement rate.

A Photo for Friday: “La Abeja”

Happy Friday!

Line(s) of the Day: Trump’s Immigration Politics

Trump really has no plan about the border save for demagoging the issue.

Nielsen out at DHS

Add DHS to the list of Departments being run by interims.

A Comparative Note on Prisoner Voting

Sanders’ suggestion is not as outside democratic norms as one might think.

On Democratic Responsiveness

A lesson from Puerto Rico and further reasons why the EC is a problem.

Speaking of Taxes…

Bernie also faces disclosure pressures.

Trump and Aid to Puerto Rico

A reminder that over 3 million citizens have no effective influence over the federal government.

Smoke and Mirrors on Health Care

The White House clearly doesn’t have a plan beyond attacking Obamacare to score political points.