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Steven L. Taylor is Professor of Political Science and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Troy University. His main areas of expertise include parties, elections, and the institutional design of democracies. His most recent book is the co-authored A Different Democracy: American Government in a 31-Country Perspective. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas and his BA from the University of California, Irvine. He has been blogging since 2003 (originally at the now defunct Poliblog). Follow Steven on Twitter

Trump, the Fed, and the Economy

More simplism from the WH.

On Coverage of the Coverage of the Mueller Report

Before we draw broad conclusions of the reporting on the report, don’t we need to see the report?

More on the Pathologies of the EC

It’s the battleground states that are the issue, not small states v. large states.

Douthat Attempts a Defense of the Electoral College

Ultimately, it isn’t a very good one.

Stephen Moore is a Terrible Choice for the Fed

Only the best people, dontcha know.

New Zealand to Ban Semiautomatic Weapons

Institutions matter. (No, seriously, they really, really matter).

On Cows, Devin Nunes, and Twitter

On one level, it is rather amusing; on another is it quite insidious.

What is the Deal with Lindsey Graham?

Graham is blocking a vote on a non-binding resolution on the Mueller report.

Comparative Electoral Systems Basics

Some context for ongoing discussions.

Why Two Parties?

Some basics on the US party system.

On “Independents” Again

A further attempt at explanation.

A Photo for Friday: “Blossom”

Happy Friday.

On “Independent” Voters

Pew has a new study that confirms our basic understanding of “independents.”

I Agree with Trump

Never say I can’t admit agreement when agreement is due.

Tales from the Trade War

Not good, not easy to win.

Maduro Holds on in Venezuela

The key remains the military.

A Photo for Friday: “Potential”

Happy Friday evening.

Bolton Cites the Monroe Doctrine Regarding Venezuela

He conjures the imperialist past with such comments (and he doesn’t even use the term correctly).

Line of the Day: NK Denuclearization Edition

And a link to a worthwhile read.

A Photo for Friday (on Sunday): “Serendipity”

I missed Friday, so here’s a later entry as the weekend wanes.

Speaking of Elliott Abrams

And if you don’t know, now you know.

Violence on the Venezuelan-Colombian Border

US policy is creating nonconstructive confrontation.

More State of Emergency Context

The NYT has a useful classification of previous declarations (which does show the odd nature of Trump’s wall declaration).

Some Context for Presidential “Emergency Powers”

There is a bit of a disjuncture between the terminology and the reality (but that does not excuse Trump’s current actions).

Recommended Reading

Levitsky and Ziblatt on emergency powers.

Regarding Trump’s Declaration

Some thoughts on the current mess.

A Reminder about North Korea

And a reminder about how little the current POTUS understands.

A Photo for Friday: “Linked”

Welcome to the weekend!

A Question of Confidence

The Northam situation shows the rigidity of separation of powers systems.

The History of Blackface

A reading recommendation.

A Question about Northam

Eugene Volokh asks, I provide my answer.

Twitter Poll

“You Know Nothing” Edition.

Today in Terrible Columns

Bret Stephens on Howard Schultz

If Howard Schultz wants to be President…

…there is only one plausible pathway to get there.

A Photo for Friday: “Holding up the Sky”

Welcome to Friday!

McConnell Opposes National Holiday for Voting

His critique is rather telling.

Let’s Talk about Venezuela

Having two presidents sounds like a terrible sitcom idea. In reality, the situation is just plain terrible.

Bernie is Doomed

Bernie Sanders is likely to run for the Democratic nomination, but it won’t be like 2016.

A Funding Offer Coming?

Is Trump about to make an offer (plus the SOTU letter may have helped).

The SOTU Folderol

Thoughts on politics and constitutional powers.

Party Trumps Institutional Separation

Don’t expect the Congress (i.e., the Senate) to pull us out of this shutdown mess.

More Border Wall Numbers

Border states/districts are not as pro-wall as presidential rhetoric might make you think.

Shutdown Polling

The numbers aren’t good for Trump.

More on Trump and Russia

Trump doesn’t want anyone to know what he and Putin discussed.