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Steven L. Taylor is Professor of Political Science and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Troy University. His main areas of expertise include parties, elections, and the institutional design of democracies. His most recent book is the co-authored A Different Democracy: American Government in a 31-Country Perspective. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas and his BA from the University of California, Irvine. He has been blogging since 2003 (originally at the now defunct Poliblog). Follow Steven on Twitter

Teaching the Federalist Papers

If we taught the Federalist Papers more rigorously would that lead to a shared view of the constitution?

Actual Details about the Owens Beating

The attack appears to be based on long-standing animus and not revenge for Trayvon.

Man Beaten and to Some it is Time to Score Some Political Points

How about we recognize that we do have ongoing and serious racial tension in this country rather than ignoring the issue most of the time and only deploying it when the game of politics is being played?

Voter Registration Restrictions and Representative Democracy

We should want more voters, not less, if we actually value representaitve democracy.

Florida Drug Testing Program for Welfare Recipients not Working as Promised

It would be nice if policies were assessed in terms of costs and benefits.

Institutional Parameters Matter

The Senate didn’t have a productive 2011. Is this just a case of laziness?

A Crack in the Logic of the Drug War Coalition?

Well, maybe a tiny one.

Chair of House Subcommittee on Higher Education not a Fan of Student Loans

It would be nice if people in power would be a bit more introspective and thoughtful.

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