Avengers Trailer

Marvel Entertainment has done a brilliant job of building up to the Avengers movie since Samuel L. Jackson’s cameo as Nick Fury at the end of the first Iron Man movie in May 2008. Now, they’ve released a trailer:

It looks true to the current vision of the Marvel universe, at least the movie version: Lots of action and CGI mixed with a healthy dose of ironic humor.

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James Joyner
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  1. Jay Tea says:

    Let’s not forget that it’s being headed up by Joss Whedon. That just upped the sheer awesomeness factor by about two orders of magnitude.


  2. Ebenezer Arvigenius says:

    Yeah. Kind of 50-50 on the film itself (stuff blowing up for no discernible reason except visuals tends to put me off), but Ironman seems to be his usual entertaining self :-).

    Never would have believed I would get to like that specific character :D.

  3. Herb says:

    Yeah, I’ll see it…but I’m getting a little long in the tooth for cartoons.

  4. sam says:

    Who plays Emma Peel?

  5. mattb says:

    @Jay Tea:
    Are you a Brownjacket? That explains everything. 😉

    @sam: +1 for the double-“Avengers” reference.

    @Ebenezer Arvigenius: They’re not showing the second (most likely famous-Marvel-Shape-Changing-Alien baddie)

  6. Franklin says:

    Haven’t the other seven bazillion other superhero movies in the last two years been horrible flops? Why would anybody want to see another one? Not sure if this is any worse than a remake or a sequel, though, so have at it.

  7. Jay Tea says:

    @mattb: “Browncoat,” please. Joss introduced me to three of my crushes — Alyson Hannigan, Jewel Staite, and Felicia Day. And if you wanna have some real fun, watch a few episodes of “Firefly,” and then put on “Alien Resurrection.” It’s really fascinating to see how Joss essentially recyled the characters from A:R into the cast of Firefly, and in Serenity he basically showed how he’d have made the Alien movie, but with Reavers instead of Alien/Ripley hybrids.

    Yes, Joss is very, very hard left. And awesome.


  8. Jay Tea says:

    @Franklin: Haven’t the other seven bazillion other superhero movies in the last two years been horrible flops?

    Iron Man I and II and Thor beg to differ. Along with “Incredible Hulk.” Green Lantern made money. And, not so coincidentally, those first three characters are showing up in “Avengers.”