Washington Whispers Daily reports,

A North Korean delegation is now secretly visiting Tehran for discussions with Iranian officials that are believed to focus on cooperation in the production of missiles or nuclear weapons, a knowledgable U.S. official tells U.S. News. The Bush administration has been watching North Korean-Iranian cooperation for some time, and North Korean scientists and technicians have previously been spotted at a town near the Caspian Sea. They are believed to be working on Iran’s development of longer-range missiles. Other officials also say the two countries–the remaining members of President Bush’s “axis of evil”–are working together on weapons of mass destruction.

Interesting. One would think an earthquake that killed 50,000 would create a new set of priorities for the Iranian regime.

Also, it occurs to me that two countries really isn’t much of an axis. Perhaps we should add Evel Knievel. Or better yet, France:

The French don’t like me saying “Axis of Evil”, so guess what? They’re now a part of the very same Axis of Evil that they don’t like me saying. How do you like them apples, France? Next time, you keep your mouth shut. You mess with Texas, and it’s straight to the Axis of Evil, got it?

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