Bar Featured In The Godfather Still Open In Sicily

Godfather Bar

The site of one of the iconic scenes from The Godfather is still an operating bar in Sicily:

Once upon a time, Michael Corleone sat on the shady terrace of a local Sicilian bar after a day of hunting with his bodyguards in the mountains. He began to enquire with the bar owner about a beautiful girl he had seen by the roadside. The man quickly realised that Michael was describing his own daughter and stormed off back into the bar, unaware of exactly who he had just snubbed….

Mr. Corleone’s bodyguards returned with the newly enlightened bar tender and he begrudgingly agreed to a meeting where he would no doubt be swayed to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to the Godfather- an offer he can’t refuse!

Savoca, a quiet town in the Province of Messina in the Italian region Sicily, located east of Palermo, was the location for the scenes set in Corleone of Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. Bar Vitelli in Savoca, which is still a functioning establishment, was featured in the motion picture as the place where Michael Corleone asked the father of his doomed bride to be, Apollinia, to help arrange the match.

No word on whether the current owner also has a daughter that will hit you like a thunderbolt.

One minor nitpick with the linked article, though. At the time that this scene occurs in the movie, Michael is not really “The Godfather,” but instead living in exile in Sicily due to crimes committed in the United States.

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