Battleground Polls Roundup

Ron Gunzberger rounds up the polls:

Lots and lots of new independent polls released over the past two days. In Colorado, the latest Rocky Mountain News poll shows Bush-45%, Kerry-44%, Nader-3%. The new American Research Group (ARG) poll echoes those numbers in CO: Bush-46%, Kerry-45%. In Pennsylvania, the new Pittsburgh Tribune-Review poll has Bush and Kerry tied with 49% apiece (LV) … or Bush-47%, Kerry-45% (RV). The new Quinnipiac poll in PA shows nearly identical numbers: Bush-49%, Kerry-48% (LV) … or Bush-47%, Kerry-44% (RV). In Minnesota, the Minnesota Public Radio/Mason-Dixon poll shows Bush leading by a tight vote of 46% to 45%. The ARG poll of MN voters has the results flipped: Kerry-47%, Bush-45%. Illinois — usually a Democratic stronghold — currently looks like a battleground state according to the WBBM-TV/SurveyUSA poll. The numbers: Kerry-49%, Bush-45%. The same could also be said about New Jersey, where the new WABC-TV/SurveyUSA poll also shows Kerry-49%, Bush-45%. In Maine, the ARG poll shows Kerry-48%, Bush-44%. In Oregon, ARG has the race as Kerry-47%, Bush-45%. Moving north to Washington State, ARG pegs the race at Kerry-51%, Bush-44%.

With Bush ahead in several states that Gore won in 2000 and Kerry ahead in none that Bush won in 2000, the polls are obviously good news for the Bush team.

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