Be Careful What you Wish for (Gaddafi Edition)

Via CNN:  Defiant Gadhafi vows to die a ‘martyr’

"This is my country, the country of my grandfathers," Gadhafi said in remarks carried live on Libyan state television. He vowed to die "a martyr" in his country.

He may well get his wish, although quite frankly, I wouldn’t mind see him face trial in the ICC.

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  1. anjin-san says:

    A firing squad works for me.

  2. dunce says:

    The opposition is talking about not honoring the oil contracts which really says “stick a fork in him ,he’s done”. Actually it is unlikely that the contracts are sweetheart deals, he’s crazy but not stupid so i am sure he drove a hard bargain. The talk of breaking contracts is possibly just a promise to the masses that the new govt. will have more funds to spread around and by the time the people figure out that one despot replaced another they will be entrenched. The economic problems are far to large to be dealt with by contract modification.Natural resources are basis of the economy controlled by the state and socialism by any other name still stinks like a hog farm.